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Undoubtedly, Patuna is one of the most celebrated designers in luxury fashion for her everlasting passion for art and dedication to creativity. 

This talented Georgian-American designer started her career out of true love for her talents and skills as she passionately wants to share her creations to the world. Her work has been displayed in various parts of the world winning the envious hearts of women that are looking to own Patuna's designs.

Her Latest collection 'Ingenuity' offers a range of Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture will be out soon.

A frequent work of beads, crystals, swarovski and precious stones can be seen in her ‘signature’ items. Patuna's designs frequently take their inspiration from an age of elegance – reflecting 1950’s tailoring and silhouettes. She believes in creating designs that complement and enhance the feminine form. She likes to use sumptuous, flowing fabrics combined with a sophisticated approach to draping.



A native of the Republic of Georgia, now a U.S. citizen, Patuna spent her childhood studying and performing ballet, acting, folkloric dance, classical piano, painting, and pantomime. As a teenager she served as host of two nationally broadcast TV programs in Georgia. At age 16 she entered the Tbilisi State Institute to study gynaecology, and later switched her field of study to dentistry, graduating top of her class as a doctor of dental surgery. After working in a private dental practice, she met her American husband and they spent the next few years travelling the world including the USA, Mexico Western Europe, Russia, and the UAE, among other destinations. In 2008, Patuna made a career change from ddentistry to her real passion: fashion. She is currently the owner and director of Patuna Fashion House.

In recent years, Patuna studied sketching with a professional tutor on anatomy, dress/shoe design and portraiture, and earned a degree in fashion-merchandising and design, Sewing/dressmaking and cosmetology/ aesthetics. Using her own technique of applying Swarovski crystals to her designs, Patuna created a dress for a fashion show in Georgia themed: "Beauty will survive the world."  She applied over 2,000 Swarovski stones by hand depicting the map of Georgia and the phrase "I love my Georgia!" The flowing dress rrepresents the Georgian National Grape Tree.

Patuna designed a line of baby clothes which was presented in a nationally televised fashion show, as well asswimsuits for all contestants in the famous "Elite Model Look" competition. She ddesigned the cocktail dress worn by Miss Georgia in the Miss World2009 pageant held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Patuna was a judge in the Miss Georgia 2009 pageant, as well as designing the swimsuits worn by the contestants. She served as costume designer for amajor motion picture in Tbilisi, and also made an appearance in the movie as an actress playing a Georgian designer. 

In December 2010 Patuna was honored as Georgian National Television's "Extraordinary Guest of the Year", and was named one of the Georgia's top 20 successful women in a nationally televised event.